"A Logo gives your business/company an identity"

Logo Design

A logo gives your business/company an identity to be recognized by clients and people you interact with.

If you think about it most people will interact with your business/company for the first time through your website, business card, social media channels or at a conference. You want a positive first impression and words alone will be hard to do.

Giving your business/company a (mark, brand or identity) that fit between the space both large and small, your business/company name will strengthen and provide a visual image to your target audience. You introduce your identity with a “hi” without using any words.

The reason behind this is you connect with people and a positive first impression.

Logos make your brand sticker.

How many times have you forgotten a name of something, but you can describe how it looks?

People interact with hundreds of brands a day, this means you have milliseconds to capture someone’s attention and stand out.

Humans are wired to identify images and use them to derive meaning and stories. That’s why it is so important to have the professional logo design for your business/company.

Here are some other big factors of logo design:

  • It communicates professionalism and build trust
  • It makes you as (the founder) feel legit
  • It provides a foundation for your future branding efforts
  • It helps you create online as well as offline branded assets
  • It gives you something to attach meaning to over time