Graphic Design Trends For 2019

Let’s take a look at the upcoming big trends in graphic design:

  1. Vivid Colors That Pop
  2. Strong Typographic Points
  3. Futuristic Influences
  4. Light And Dark Colors Schemes
  5. Complex Gradients
  6. “Colorful Minimalism” To a New Level
  7. Dynamic and Complicated Hand-Drawn Illustrations

1. Vivid Colors That Pop

Have you noticed that lately in the world of design that it’s more colorful…

More brands will have splashing of bright vivid colors, definitely one of the things that will hit 2019, on all those patterns and displays.

If you aren’t familiar with vivid colors, it is colors that are intense or attention grabbing to the eye. Like Blues, Pinks, and Reds see some examples below:

In order to fight for attention, brands need to proceed in taking more design risks.

2018 was a year of bold colors and the year of 2019 will reign with bright and vivid colors in a supreme way.

2. Strong Typographic Points

This bold font makes it easy to read the text on social media feeds and on mobile devices. As well as instantly projecting strength, innovation, and individuality.

However, as you can see in all of these examples, the bold font is often the supporting partner to the other design elements.

But this year the bold font will become the main focal point in a lot of graphics. Especially if your graphic only has a few seconds to grab the reader’s attention.

3. Futuristic Influences Are Mainstream

A lot of futuristic patterns, colors and ideas will take over the new year. Most of the futuristic devices are in our pockets these days, so why not take advantage of that tech and bring it to the design world!!

We believe that if brand start doing this, creating unique designs, it will most defiantly stand above the noise on social media…

4. Light and Dark Color Schemes

You may have noticed that some of the largest companies are adding light and dark modes to their apps. Or embracing light and dark color schemes across different devices and avenues.

This includes Apple recently adding Dark Mode for all of their Macs:

Facebook just added a dark mode to its Messanger platform:

These apps use different modes to make the apps more useful for the user depending on the situation. You can use this same flexible technique in your design work to instantly adapt to many mediums or screens.

In fact, one of my favorite flyer examples uses a light and dark color scheme. Each fits the subject matter and event extremely well:

Dual color scheme makes the poster a lot more flexible. If you need to hang it up on a dark wall, the white colored poster is perfect.

5. Complex Gradients

Gradients give depth to your designs and look amazing on mobile devices. With the vivid and futuristic colors and patterns, give you that feel right at home with some other 2019 trends.

We think that in the 2019 graphic design trend there are going to be very unique and creative gradient designs on all design trends for in the new year.

If you’re looking for something a little more complex, check out these examples from the Adobe 99U Conference:

6. “Colorful Minimalism” To a New Level

A lot of the graphic design trends I have witnessed over the past few years have been a reaction to that kind of minimalism. From the explosion of hand-drawn graphics, bold color schemes, and abstract patterns. Each of those trends is the opposite of what minimalism is at its core.

Despite that, this year, some of those more complex graphic design trends are going to mix with traditional minimalism to create a new type of minimalism. One that is dominated by color and creativity, instead of blandness and conformity.

For example, take a look at this product poster series from Nike:

Graphic Design Trends 2019


Each poster is traditionally minimalist, with not a lot of flair or unneeded elements. And without the vibrant gradients, it’s just another boring poster.

But this simple color addition makes it very eye-catching, without abandoning the main tenets of minimalism. It masterfully walks the fine line between too dull and too complex.

7. Dynamic and Complicated Hand-Drawn Illustrations

Other brands take the easy way out on there designs, but custom or hand-drawn illustrations is an excellent way to display visual content.

That’s because no other brand is going to be able to exactly replicate these visuals. Competitors can copy your color scheme, your social media strategy and the stock photos you use.

This type of content is extremely valuable for a brand.

Some content was used from : https://venngage.com/blog/graphic-design-trends/

Tell us below what your thoughts are on these few Graphic Design Trends For 2019

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